Here's the OFFICIAL stuff about me:

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The truth is, I'd rather write about fun stuff and some of my experiences then yammer on about my accomplishments. But, an author must have a biography, so I'll start with my credentials, get them out of the way, and then move on to the more entertaining things.

I've had eight books published by Barbour Books. Three of them are cozy mysteries, including Murder in the Milk Case, a fun book, which is the first in a three book series featuring amateur sleuth Trish Cunningham.

Murder in the Milk Case was first published in 2005 under the name Candice Speare. I love that book, and so do many of my readers. It's sold a LOT of copies. It's been re-released by Forget Me Not Publications under my present name (Candice Prentice) and is available as a digital book, along with Band Room Bash and Kitty Litter Killer, the second and third books in the series.

I also co-wrote three romances, A Hero for Her Heart, Boxed into Love, and Mending Fences. They are available as digital books and you can also find them used. These books are a lot of fun, and they contain a bit of mystery, as well as happily-ever-afters.

Two of my published books are compilations of the original six. Mayhem in Maryland and Blue Mountain WeddingsThey are available as used books. 

My latest book, An Untidy End, published by Forget Me Not Publications, is available now at Amazon. A new book for a new year! Yes, there is a seven-year gap between the last book I had published and this one. Lots of things happened to keep me from writing, some of which I'll address in future blog articles.

In addition to writing books for Barbour, I was an acquisition editor and content reviewer for their cozy mystery line. On occasion, I still edit for hire.

I'm a member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers).

And about my books, I'll just say it up front. My books are clean and written from a Christian perspective.That doesn't mean my books are overly preachy. Far from it. It just means that my books are written from a God-world-view, and my characters are on a journey of restoration of some sort or another. I like to give a message of hope in everything I write. One of the greatest joys in my life is watching the Lord heal bruised, brokenhearted people as they come into a relationship with Him. It's my heart's desire that while people are entertained by my stories, they will also glimpse God’s love and joy, and His power of restoration through the journeys and growth of my fictional characters.


When I was a kid, I loved books. I spent more time reading than doing anything else. I was painfully shy, and books whisked me away into worlds where I was free, and I could be a hero and ride horses. I loved horses!

Because I was so quiet and shy, I was often tormented by other children, including one horrible young man in sixth grade who kept taunting me about the mole under my arm. I'm sure most of us have memories like that, right? Painful things that might sound ridiculous, even laughable, as adults, but can linger in the subconscious. And if many of us were honest, we've had experiences that are much worse than minor bullying. . .things that sometimes continue into adulthood.

I'm so thankful that God turned all the painful things in my life around for good. My experiences, big or small, painful and otherwise, made me who I am today, and for that I'm grateful. And as an author, I have the perfect use for my memories, good and bad: fodder for my books.

Presently, I live in Maryland with my hubby and a dog named Jack. We're in country-ish 'burbs, miles west of Baltimore, an area that's growing and changing from farm fields to suburban sprawl. While I love my home, I'm a country girl. I'd prefer to live in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees. Lots and lots of trees. Acres of trees where I can't see anyone, and they can't see me. Yes, I like my privacy.

Most days you'll find me working in my office. I'm grateful for my own space. I used to share an office with my long-suffering husband. I say he’s long suffering because when we got married in 2010, we were lacking extra rooms, so he gave me half of his office in the basement, not realizing my propensity for taking over whatever space I work in. As a result of my room hogging, he had to expand the office. After that, he graciously allowed me to appropriate three-quarters of the room—okay, maybe a little more than that. One whole wall was filled with shelves of my books. Well, that's changed now. I have my own space, which I promptly filled with all my stuff. (And my hubby once again has his own space, for which he's grateful.)

I'm nearer to retirement age than I can believe, but that doesn't matter. I have no intention of retiring. I love writing and all the other things I do. I'm not at risk for becoming a Sofa Spud, either. Sofa Spudding can be detrimental to the health and mind—all that sitting in one place, watching endless television re-runs. In fact, watching TV is one of my least favorite activities. I can go for days without even turning it on. What, Candice?!? You mean you don't watch the news? Nope. I read online news headlines, and I only do that in the afternoon, so I don't begin my day thinking about negative things. My mornings are spent in positive activities, like devotions, prayer, and watching an inspirational YouTube or Podcast.

And that brings me to well-being. Taking care of my health with exercise and good diet, plus being positive rather than negative, is now essential to my life. I could even say that all three of these things literally keep me healthy and alive. I've learned this the hard the way. I'll be writing more about my health journey later. For now, at the risk of sounding dramatic, I'll say that last summer I anticipated a life in bed, living in a bubble. Now I'm once again a productive human being.

I have hobbies, but what they are depends on the time of year, my obligations, and my frame of mind. I love to sew and especially like making quilts. I play the piano. I study about health and nutrition. I like to scrapbook, journal, draw, and take pictures. I also enjoy fiddling around with digital images.

I still love books. I don't use them as an escape like I did when I was a kid, but there's nothing better than temporarily getting lost in a fictional world. It's like a mini vacation. I also read a lot of historical non-fiction. And sometimes I like to write blog articles about what I discover.

And that's it for now. An unofficial overview of stuff about me. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me.