Here's the OFFICIAL stuff about me:

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I'm a writer--an artist, if you will. Writing is one of the ways I express the most important parts of me. I think that's true for all writers. If you want to know their core beliefs, read a few of their books. It doesn't take long to pinpoint from what viewpoint they see the world.

I write for the inspirational fiction market, which some people would call "Christian" fiction. I've heard it described as books written from a "God world view." That sounds too complicated and is subject to interpretation. I just say that my characters, in one way or another, are impacted by the Lord.

One of the greatest joys in my life is watching the Lord heal bruised, brokenhearted people as they come into a relationship with Him. It's my heart's desire that while people are entertained by my stories, they will also glimpse God’s love and joy, and His power of restoration through the journeys and growth of my fictional characters.

I've published eight books under the name Candice Speare. My other name (the one on my marriage license) is Candice Prentice; thus some of you may have copies of my books with the names, Candice Speare or Candice Speare Prentice.

I’m the author of three cozy mysteries, Murder in the Milk CaseBand Room Bash, and Kitty Litter Killer (Print, Barbour Publishing, 2005-2006), and Mayhem in Maryland—a cozy compilation (Print, Barbour Publishing, 2008). I also co-authored three romances: A Hero for Her HeartBoxed Into LoveMending Fences (Print, Barbour Publishing, 2010), and Blue Mountain Weddings—a compilation. Recently, my cozy mysteries have been re-released by Forget Me Not Romances. Read more about those books here.

In addition to writing books for Barbour, I was an acquisition editor and content reviewer for their cozy mystery line. On occasion, I still edit for hire.


Most days you'll find me working in my office. I'm grateful for my own space. I used to share an office with my long suffering husband. I say he’s long suffering because when we got married in 2010, we were lacking extra rooms, so he gave me half of his office in the basement, not realizing my propensity for taking over whatever space I work in. As a result of my room hogging, he had to expand the office. After that, he graciously allowed me to appropriate three-quarters of the room—okay, maybe a little more than that. One whole wall was filled with shelves of my books. 

Well, that's changed now. The kids moved out. Empty nest! And that meant two empty rooms, one of which was perfect for an office. Now I have my own space, which I promptly filled with all my stuff. (And my hubby once again has his own space, for which he's grateful.)

We no longer have kids at home, but we do have a dog. His name is Jack, and he's a whiner. In fact, he takes whining to a whole new level, like a gold medalist in the sport of whining. But despite that annoying trait, I love the little guy. He's my buddy.

I have hobbies, but what they are depends on the time of year, my obligations, and my frame of mind. I love to sew and especially like making quilts. I play the piano. I study about health and nutrition. I like to garden (not weed), scrapbook, journal, draw, and take pictures. I also enjoy fiddling around with digital images.

I recently received my culinary nutrition certification. That means I'm an official Culinary Nutrition Expert with the knowledge to develop healthy eating plans for specialty diets, such as gluten allergies.

In December 2015, I became a grandmother for the first time. This is a big milestone and ironic since I'd recently let my hair go gray.

I love to read. Most authors do. I have an outstanding collection of books, mostly non-fiction. I like to read about history of all kinds. I also have a lot of Bible study aids and many versions of the Bible, including the pre-curser to the King James--the American Standard Version. Prayer and Bible study are a big part of my day. I look forward to my mornings with the Lord. One of my favorite ministries is The Voice of Martyrs. It's an irony that I can own all these versions of the Bible, yet there are Christians in many other countries who would be killed if they were discovered reading a Bible. 

Sometimes I like to exercise; sometimes I don't, but I do it, anyway. Mostly I do Pilates, which is really hard. I determined I was going to be able to get down on the floor and play with my grandson, even as I age, so I work hard to stay fit. I also eat a very healthy diet.

Laughing is among my most favorite things to do, and I do so as much as possible. I believe humor is one of God’s gifts to the human race to help us survive. Laughter heals. It can change the course of an argument. When we laugh, we win, even in the midst of sorrow--and especially in the darkest of circumstances.