Quilt Wall Hanging

I just finished piecing this quilt top for a bedroom wall hanging. I call it my new life quilt. It’s the first major sewing project I’ve undertaken since I remarried in 2010. In many ways it represents my life as it is now. All the individual pieces in different colors, designs, and shapes come together to make a whole.

This project wasn’t easy. So many little pieces and all those corner had to meet just right. The pattern comes from a quilting magazine—something I’ve never used before. (Quilt Almanac 2013--pattern called "Sweet Maple.") The original colors in the magazine were black and green. I wanted brown and green. That entailed a couple hours in the quilt store, trying to pick the perfect fabric.

All the cutting was done with a rotary cutter, which requires exactness. If I didn’t get each piece the same as the others, I had to adjust the seams when I sewed. Okay, check out that saw blade border! THAT was a bear to do! All those tiny triangles had to be sewn together into squares and then the squares sewn into rows. 

Unfortunately, when I completed the saw tooth rows, they were too big for the quilt. See how they meet at the corner square in the picture? Well, they didn't at first. There was about a half inch overlap on each side. That means the rows were an inch too big. I have no idea how that happened, but I can tell you I was aggravated. I set the quilt aside for a week, debating whether or not I would just toss the saw blade border in the trash and use a plain fabric border.

Then I got stubborn. I LIKED the saw blade border, so I had to make it work. I tightened it up by making the seams between each triangle square a tiny bit bigger. And I had to play around to get it right. TEDIOUS. Then I had to rip the old seams out. Sometimes several seams because I had to redo some. More TEDIOUS. That left holes where the old seams were, but they mostly disappeared when I ironed the quilt top. 

Now I’m glad I took the time to do it. I think the saw tooth border really makes the quilt.
I guess that's why this quilt reminds me of my new life. God has taken the pieces of my past and sewn them into a patchwork quilt that is what makes me who I am now. He adjusted seams here and there to make things fit, sewing them into place. Sometimes He had to rip out old seams. That hurt. And sometimes there were holes left behind, but they are being ironed out with time and God’s love.

The end product (in this project AND my life) is worth every bit of work.