Truly Yours Series

Written as Candice Speare with Nancy Toback


A Hero for Her Heart

When Allie’s brother and sister-in-law die in a car accident, Allie is left with the care of their adopted son, Danny—and enormous debt. Now she’s forced to sell part of the farm to make ends meet.

Derrick is on a mission. His dying sister’s last wish is to know her son is happy with his adopted family, so Derrick hides behind his job as Realtor to investigate Allie and Danny. But soon his reconnaissance mission turns into much more when his feelings grow for Allie and the nephew he’s never known.


Boxed into Love

Glen is everything Shannon admires—and everything she fears. Organized, button-down, and a little bit uptight. He’s certainly not the kind of man she should fall in love with. She’d drive him crazy! But when Shannon’s junk shop is mistaken for his antique store and a valuable box is wrongfully sold, the two must work together to get it back before the box’s owner brings her lawyers down upon them.

Between the threats, the thieves, and their differences, will Glen and Shannon’s hearts ever connect?


Mending Fences

Ray’s homecoming is one of trepidation and uncertainty. He has his old job back, but can he work beside his nemesis again? And can he and his former fiancée put what they once had back together? Should they even try? And what should he do about Faith—the girl his heart once dreamed about?

God can use anything—a missing child, an injured dog, even two irrepressible old ladies—to show His stubborn children His will. If they’ll let Him.